Please take a few moments to listen to or read the thoughtful report by Kara Lofton about how a number of EMT’S are coping with traumatic death at:

“Jonathan Bartels is a trauma nurse at UVA’s Medical Center, and helped begin “The Pause” movement.
In America, death is not something we often talk about unless we are forced to by circumstance or tragedy. But at hospitals, death is an everyday occurrence and medical workers must quickly learn to deal with it. But how do they cope? WMRA’s Kara Lofton reports on one initiative, called “The Pause,” that started at the University of Virginia Medical Center two years ago and is now slowly being adopted by hospitals all over the country.”

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And the complete story in print can be found by googling NPR August 18, 2015 EMERGENCY MEDICAL WORKERS “PAUSE” AFTER TRAUMATIC DEATH.