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Please select from the drop-down PURCHASE OPTIONS of DVDs (SD and/or BluRay) at the bottom of this page. All copies of the film are sold with PPR (“public performance rights”, i.e. screenings are limited to members of your school or institution; no admission may be charged.) If you wish however to use your purchased DVD or BluRay for a screening for the community or wider public or to charge an entrance fee,  there is a modest licensing fee of $150.00 (good for 12 months) which can be paid by check (see next paragraph).

If you’re not a PayPal member, you may still use your credit card. Or if you wish to purchase DVD’s by check or need a 12 month screening license, please make the check out to Lifedream Films LLC and mail it to: Lifedream Films, 604 S. Washington—802, Philadelphia PA 19106 (attention: Vic Compher).

The institutional prices for the various DVD’s that are available are:

Full Feature (74 min.) or Broadcast Version (56 min.):*

  • Full Feature(74 minutes) @ $250.00 for STANDARD DVD DISC with Institutional PPR
  • Full Feature(74 minutes) @ $350.00 for STANDARD DVD AND BLURAY with Institutional PPR   FAQ:  What is the difference between at Standard DVD and BluRay?  Although a Standard Disc is of high quality, BluRay technology provides an even sharper image and is optimal for larger screenings, if your institution has a BluRay projector.
  • Broadcast Version(56 minutes) @ $250.00 for STANDARD DVD DISC with Institutional PPR
  • Broadcast Version(56 minutes) @ $350.00 for STANDARD DVD AND BLURAY with Institutional PPR

CAREgivers SHORTS: (~20 minutes each for use in workshops)

  • Caregivers: Workshop Version@ $75.00 w/ Institutional PPR
  • Caregivers: Hospice Portraits @ $75.00 w/ Institutional PPR
  • Caregivers: Working with Involuntary Clients(especially for child protective agencies) @ $75.00 w/ Institutional PPR

Handling Fee for each item: $10.00

To pay online with your credit card or through a PayPal account,  use the dropdown box below.

(Any difficulty at all in placing your order below or other questions?  PLEASE CALL 267-266-0842 right away and we will assist!)

*Discounts (20%) available for Full Feature or Broadcast version to select organizations or their affiliates, e.g. Klingberg Institute, National Association of Social Workers, and others (contact for details).  

Purchase DVDs

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