Be sure to listen to Dr. Dan Gottlieb’s discussion “Voices in the Family” with 3 international experts on the topic of “contagious stress”. New studies about contagious stress would seem to resonate with our film’s depiction of “secondary traumatic stress” which is experienced by caregivers, in as much as empathy is the vehicle by which any human being can relate to and may absorb the stress of others for whom s/he cares. Dr. Gottlieb introduces the program topic and his guests with the following statement (and the link to the podcast follows):
“We all talk about how stress is contagious, wondering if we can get it from that stressed-out co-worker. But did we ever guess we could get it from a TV monitor? A new study says yes, and has found proof that watching someone else under stress can cause stress in you. We’ll talk to the author of that study, Dr. Veronika Engert, from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, about her findings. We’ll also be speaking with Dr. Tony Buchanan of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Stress Lab from the Psychology Department of Saint Louis University about his study on secondhand stress; and Dr. Michael Baime, head of the Penn Program for Mindfulness.” – Listen to the podcast at: