Please check out the trailer for CODE 9, a documentary by Director / Producer Deborah Ortiz

It was a real pleasure talking recently with Deborah about her life and experiences which have led up to the development of this fascinating film, CODE 9. Like CAREGIVERS film, it will take the public behind the scenes into the emotional lives of our public servants and the risks they and their families and loved ones at times encounter. While CAREGIVERS focuses upon identifying and coping with secondary trauma that may be experienced by a range of professional caregivers (therapists, hospice personnel, child welfare workers, first responders, police officers, firefighters, etc.) the focus of CODE 9 is upon police officers and their risks of experiencing PTSD which can lead some officers to turn on themselves and to complete suicide. We at CAREGIVERS are delighted to support the efforts and success of this film. We look forward to partnering in various ways this year.