Danielle DiPietro, Public Outreach of Mesothelioma Center (see www.Asbestos.com) recommends the above titled article, by Faith Franz, regarding the psychological cost of caring. Following is a quote from the article recommending support groups for professional caregivers. A link to the full article is also included. Danielle DiPietro can be reached at dpietro@asbestos.com please check out www.asbestos.com to learn more mesothelioma center and their many resources for caregivers of all kinds


“….Even though it is an extremely enriching career, professional caregiving can take an emotional toll on care providers.
This is especially true for caregivers who work with terminally ill patients. These workers often encounter issues such as mortality and loss, and do so repeatedly as they work with a full clientele. For these caregivers, support groups can be an invaluable resource.
Support Groups for Professional Caregivers
Support groups can help professional caregivers balance the emotional cost of caring. These groups focus on caregiver education as well as support services and sharing. Caregivers can openly discuss the trials of their job with their peers and learn healthy coping mechanisms that they can apply on the job. The groups also provide a safe environment for specialists to vent without seeming unprofessional. Because they simultaneously serve as a reprieve from work and a means of professional development, caregiver support groups can help caregivers pursue a healthy balance between their personal lives and their thriving career.”

Author bio: Faith Franz has spent nearly two years researching and writing for The Mesothelioma Center. As an advocate for alternative medicine, she encourages patients to explore all of the treatment options that could potentially save their life.

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