Each year it is my privilege to offer many times the workshop which I call, “When Trauma or Death Occurs on the Caseload: Ways of Supporting Staff and Clients and Promoting Learning”. The workshop is described on this website and is offered to organizations in a manner that is flexible and suitable to that organization’s setting and needs. Following is a thoughtful comment about the workshop that was sent recently to me. (Vic Compher, Trainer and Director/Producer of CAREGIVERS film)

“…your training that I took in February was pivotal for me receiving the help I needed. The things that were especially powerful for me… being able to see that I needed help… the list of symptoms and the section of your documentary. I was able to relate to the testimonies of the professionals and I was also able to see that these were also competent people… that their work got the better of them….I didn’t know how out of touch I was with myself and my needs and my ability to function…But the biggest thing is that I am able to dream again – for myself and for my social work…”  J.A., workshop participant