“Rasheida’s Story” at http://vimeo.com/fryett/rasheida is a compelling narrative by educator/social worker, Rasheida Peay, about the tragic death of a 10 year old student/client of hers, who was killed in the crossfire of urban violence, while on a class errand to pick up pastries for her other students. Rasheida shares her personal struggle with professional grief/ secondary trauma and the help she received from her next organizational setting (Wordsworth in Philadelphia).

The second short is entitled: “Caregivers of Hospice and Palliative Care: Our Job This Side of Dying.” It depicts the work of 3 professionals from Samaritan Hospice (New Jersey)-a medical social worker, a doctor, and a bereavement counselor-as they visit 3 different patients and then reflect on the impact of their poignant work upon themselves as professional caregivers. This short can be viewed on line at:

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