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Tim Fryett (Videographer, Editor), Vic Compher (Producer and Director), Rodney Whittenberg (Co-Producer),

CAREGIVERS documentary film, in production for release in 2015, will take us on a journey into a world the public has not seen. The film depicts the dramatic emotional costs experienced by professional providers such as doctors, nurses, social workers, firefighters, and first responders who rescue, assist, and when possible heal the injured and traumatized. Through dramatic stories, CAREGIVERS probes the emotionally risky aspects of professional caregivers.

We ask the question: How is the care provider affected emotionally and physically, and who helps him or her?! The audience will discover that engaged empathic caregiving can be an occupational hazard; we explore the painful and human sides of these professions and the professionals’ response to trauma known as Compassion Fatigue or Secondary Traumatic Stress. We also recognize the profound meaning caregivers may experience, sometimes referred to compassion satisfaction.

We have been and continue to be collecting stories for our film and blog from professionals who provide various kinds of important services to traumatized patients or clients. If you are a professional caregiver, please share with us your experiences and how you cope (submit your story or comments to: viccompher@comcast.net). Whether you are a social worker, nurse, doctor, therapist, or some other kind of caregiver or public servant, we want to know how you have been or are being affected on a professional and personal level by your work—and your ways of healing from stress and professional grief. Our intention through the film and website is to share the story behind the story of traumatized clients—that is, the impact of the work upon the caregivers—and thereby to significantly improve public awareness in this area as well as understanding among professionals themselves. As you tour our website, please think about ways you might like to contribute. We encourage you to also learn about our supportive staff development workshops for professional caregivers. (Workshops) And please contact me with any questions you may have.

Vic Compher, Executive Producer and Director (viccompher@comcast.net)

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